Bionauts Cosmetics – healthy products produced by two talented PhD students

Case study: Fresh new website aiming to sense a new healthy lifestyle.

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Summary: Offer healthy products tendered with tons of love and care to represent a unique hand-drawn character with its own personality and story interconnected with others in a newly developing universe.

Bionauts Cosmetics products

Bionauts Cosmetics products

The Client

Bionauts Cosmetics is a small start-up company in the pharmaceutical industry created by two PhD students. Their passion turned into real-time healthy products that bring smiles to people’s faces.
The mission of Bionauts Cosmetics is to produce 100% natural cosmetic products that represent an exquisite combination of the highest grade of certified organic ingredients, artistic design and distinct healing properties. In the heart of their recipes lies the hemp oil, around which all other base and essential oils are harmoniously arranged to paint an opulent picture of aromas designed to tickle your senses and alter your mind.
Their philosophy is NOT to use any synthetic ingredients that could be harmful and accumulate in the body. They strongly believe body may be more fresh whilst you are clearer the mind.
Welcome to the celebration of Bionauts Cosmetics and feel free to contact them and discuss more about how they can help you.


E-commerce website that compels simplicity while shopping healthy products online.

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Futwalk assisted with creating the skeleton of putting together Bionauts Cosmetics.

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