Black Friday online sales hit over $1 billion from mobile

Black Friday online sales shopping spree continues to grow. This Friday was no different. Another record-breaking day $3 billion in sales day was reported by Adobe who were tracking the e-commerce transactions throughout the sales holiday. It might also be the day in U.S. retail history to generate over a billion dollars from mobile sales.

Black Friday online shopping sales

Retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and eBay saw a significant traffic via mobile devices. Furthermore, tt was clear earlier in the day that mobile was having a significant impact on the record e-commerce sales seen on Thanksgiving Day and on Black Friday. According to TechCrunch: “Amazon said that mobile orders on Thanksgiving topped Cyber Monday last year, for example, while Walmart said that over 70 percent of website traffic on Thanksgiving was mobile. Target said that 60 percent of Thanksgiving sales were from mobile devices.”


Black Friday onlines sales trend

Within each year, the trend for Black Friday online sales continues to grow marking a $1.13 billion in revenue, which is up 25 percent year-over-year. Walmart shared that 60 percent of Black Friday orders on their website came from mobile devices, for example.

In addition, mobile traffic is also a major trend for other retailers with an increase of 56%.

Interestingly to know: 47% was from smartphones, as opposed to 9% on tablets.


Believe it or not, smartphones are not the ones converting the sales online, it’s tablets and desktops. Conversions for many are a dilemma to figure out what platform to optimize, but overall here are the stats for this year:

  • Smartphone conversations were at 1.9 percent;
  • Tablets at 3.7 percent;
  • Desktops at 4 percent.

iOS vs Android?

Who dominates the market? This year was iOS again with an average order value estimated at $144 compared to $136 on Android.

We hope you enjoyed this Black Friday and have gotten what you wanted 🙂