The story of Thomas Burberry in epic Christmas movie ad

Love is possible, adventure is a label, ambition is… dazzlingly possible! Welcome to the world of Burberry!

Burberry Story

Image credit: YouTube

Everything might just be happening around a brooding genius with the world in the palm of his hands, but there is more behind! Imagination crystal clear, every square-ish detail prompt as a light beam from the distance, and a beautiful woman starring as if the sunrise shines upon us with the sun rays touching our skin.

Maybe, we can get to know the world of Thomas Burberry better in a perfectly placed Christmas Ad. Watch below:

 Burberry’s Christmas ad

Who is in the Christmas Ad? As the Guardian reports, actor Domhnall Gleeson (who played General Hux in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Billy Weasley in the Harry Potter films) stars as Thomas Burberry. Sienna Miller (of American Sniper and The Girl) supports as his wife.

What’s next? Lily James (of Cinderella and, aptly, Downton Abbey) plays a fictional pilot based on the real-life of Betty Kirby-Green. In 1937 she flew alongside A.E. Clouston on a record-breaking trip from England to Cape Town and back, wearing Burberry clothing in a plane sponsored by the company.

Dominic West (of The Wire and The Affair) plays Ernest Shackleton, the legendary explorer, who travels across the Antarctic and you might have spotted already that he is… dressed in Burberry. Burberry play a significant role during World War I outfitting some half a million soldiers with trench coats, the light and water-resistant outerwear named for the Western Front’s infamous death pits.

Documentary filmmaker Asif Kapadia directed the Christmas movie ad. Values matter, luxury exists, significance lives among us. All of these traits are polished beautifully in a movie production ad symbolizing principles and discipline.

Do you think you know who Thomas Burberry is now? The gabardine—the tightly woven textile—referenced in the film, is the true momentum for him, but do we really get to know who he is… At least we can see a cinematic glimpse of his life.