The new place to get your Spectacles is in…

ATTENTION: Another go to place for the Spectacles has appeared – California’s Six Flags, Magic Mountain. The latest Snapbot revealed its new location and you and your friends can now acquire your new pair of Spectacles.

California Spectacles

Image credit: Android Authority

From the coast of Venice beach to New York and Florida, Snap’s Bluetooth-connected camera glasses have been drawing a massive interest worldwide.

Snap’s Spectacles slow rollout move

Snap’s game of strategy is making people look out for the next location and follow every single move of theirs. A game plan move which is definitely triggering more and more interest! The Specs are making people hunt for the glasses that help Snapchat users get more out of the app.

Snap’s overall timing has been perfectly aligned! Holidays are coming, Black Friday online sales surged, and winter spirit is definitely a feel among shareholders. It is highly unlikely the company will change up its method, no matter how much flack the approach to selling the Specs gets.

California Spectacles

Your new pair of Spectacles awaits you if you have $129 to spare and dive into a new adventure of snapping a moment. Moreover, immediately after, transmit your motion sickness to your friends, one snap at a time.