The United States presidential election of 2016, scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016, will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election. Voters will now be able to get a quicker information and steps on how to vote via a Facebook Messenger bot, a platform launched by the Ad Council.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Image credit: GoVoteBot and Ad Council

GoVoteBot is designed to amuse users as well but the aim is to simplify and personalize the task along the way on how to vote.

NOTE: the bot has no opinion on who you vote for.

How does Facebook Messenger bot work?

With a simple tap on the touch screen by saying hi to the bot, it will respond with a drop down menu of options including a polling location finder and absentee options in addition to registration options and links.

Once you let know the bot that the task is completed, it responds with a celebratory note: “You’re looking at one proud GoVoteBot!”

Facebook Messenger bot platform

Image: Ad Council

The search giant Google made this possible thanks to data pulled from Google Civic.

Facebook has committed to this campaign by donating a free ad space to promote the effort. Along the way, other third parties networks will be utilized as well as outdoor digital billboards and an online commercial.

The Ad Council has been known for actively encouraging the civil society in all of its campaigns. However, this time, the project embarks a digital experiment with automated bots.

The idea behind automated bots came back in April when Facebook first launched its big bot push. During its annual F8 developer conference, the social media giant saw a potential new platform that may ease users even further when navigating online.

To start off the fun registration vote, simply type its name (GoVoteBot) into a new message window in the Messenger app, standalone website or chat bar on the Facebook homepage and enjoy the time.