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Case study: Design a website from scratch. Develop a fashion, lifestyle blogger image via strong imagery web development layout and increase visibility.

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Web design

Client’s website:


It’s time for dreams to come true. Let’s focus on one thing: the customer.

Read below how “Faces of the City or Licata na Grada (in Bulgarian)” launched a customer-is-unique project where in the first 5 days we increased traffic by almost 1000%.


Faces of the city | Licatanagrada

Faces of the city | Licatanagrada

The client 

Last summer, Tsveti, Owner of the website and Idea Generator (licatanagrada.com), spoke to us on a sunny weekend about her idea and spotted a glimpse of how cities can be transformed which triggered a sudden interest in our vision to help her. Tsveti is one of our long term friends and we decided to give her something special. She shared with us that it will be a dream come true to see her website live.

What we did – we simply fell in love with her idea.

“I want to give something fresh, clean and unique to the people in Bulgaria, I want to provide them with a blend of style and that everyone is unique.”  Tsveti said.

A lot of the news not only in Bulgaria, but worldwide brainwash viewers with sad and negative news. We decided it is time to break loose of this time and change perspectives.

“It is a crucial time for the people of Bulgaria to understand everyone is unique and that they can do a lot more for this beautiful country.” said Kenny (one of the CEO’s of futwalk). “It is time to do something and show the world that Bulgaria has a lot more to offer.”

Our original approach from the very beginning, “…simply put, to roll up our sleeves. To quit sales promotions and related marketing strategies, but let the website break out of the shell.” Kenny said.

Once futwalk’s team learned that Tsveti’s dream is to make people more positive and caring in Bulgaria, everything changed in a second. Rumi (one of the Founders of futwalk) said “it can transform lives.” In an instant we put together a map of ideas and joined forces to make something special and contribute a fresher view of life to all the citizens of Bulgaria.

Web design Faces of the city

Web design Faces of the city


Rumi and Kenny noticed more of an opportunity than a challenge in this project. We (Rumi and Kenny) saw a need for every citizen in Bulgaria to think more positively and read valuable content online rather than gossips and negative news.

“People in Bulgaria are struggling to find good, valuable and fresh content so that they can truly believe in themselves and do more from an entrepreneurial point of view.” Kenny said. “Today, we perceive things as part of a daily job doer and that’s it. Kenny and I want to give something different to Bulgarian citizens, something that they can be inspired from and aspire others to create things.” Rumi said.

The goal was to initiate a website by improving its design and skeleton for the generations to come to enjoy a voice in Bulgaria and contribute even further by sharing ideas.

“You made my dream come true. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude to what you did and how good of human beings you are (tears shed).” Tsveti (owner of licatanagrada.com) said.


There are a lot of people/companies with “good websites that showcase fashion, style, etc. why you should go into it, why it makes sense, why the public should value it. But is there an actual human element in them?” Kenny said.

We hope you enjoy Tsveti’s brand new website.

Visit their brand new website optimized for tablet and mobile devices below: licatanagrada.com