Mad Panda stands out with – your selected craft beer

Case study: Create the “beer spot” website which en-devours a sense of freshness and taste life no matter where you are.

Client’s request for Services

Web design

Client’s website

Summary: “Your selected craft beer. Stay Mad!”

The Client

Mad Panda is the perfect example of how testing things all the time might turn out the Jackpot of your life. Mad Panda is a reflection of a pure selected craft beer that tenders an infusion of quality and care.

Futwalk was selected as the digital humans to plant a nexus of the “beer website”.

After conducting a research, Futwalk’s team combined elements that will strongly embody a welcoming cozy feel online alongside have a little bit more fun in life. Hence, initial reviews were shared with Mad Panda’s team.

First emotion after Futwalk sent first variation of the website late evening hours… Mad Panda reflected as “Super!”

As shared with you and all of Futwalk’s friends and partners we believe everyone is unique. Mad Panda is unique because not only the beer is carefully brewed but also the ingredients come with a lot of testing and love so we can enjoy the perfect sip.


Feel, taste, enjoy. These three elements define the project.

Big thank you and Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian) Mad Panda team for choosing Futwalk to be part of your success story. As Sava says: “Stay Mad!”



Futwalk assisted Mad Panda with creating the website and back end support.

As a continuation, Futwalk is presently looking after Mad Panda’s website with online optimization and technical support.

Futwalk stands for sharing your digital voice with the rest of the world and believes in making your dream come true.

We hope you enjoy the brand new website of Mad Panda.

Have a look at their brand new website optimized for tablet and mobile devices below: