A new era of computing is coming – Magic Leap is taking its first steps

The hottest ticket in tech and a better place to innovate is Magic Leap! An invitation of a lifetime. Located in South Florida’s business park, unnoticeable to the eye… but inside, it’s a whole different story.

In fact, we get to immerse in a different reality. Human look alike robots cruise down the street, and green reptilian monsters hang out in the lounge. Cartoon fairies turn the lights on and off as if every moment is a flick of an adventure. Even the office equipment does the impossible. The high-definition television hanging on the wall seems perfectly normal. Until it vanishes. A moment later it reappears in the middle of the room. Incredibly, it is now levitating in midair. Get as close as you’d like, check it out from different angles. It’s 80 inches diagonal, tuned to ESPN–and there is nothing holding it up.

The gossips running around were within tech circles, not inside Magic Leap. Here comes the true Magic Leap testing different things with holograms, lasers, even invented some reality-warping machine the size of a building that would never, could never, be commercialized. The lack of hard information further fueled the whispers.

But now the company is live. In a rare glimpse behind the scenes, we take a closer look into the mind of Abovitz. His startup company Magic Leap has spent a billion dollars perfecting a prototype. Moreover, to establish the brand and his idea further, Magic Leap has begun the construction of manufacturing lines in Florida, ahead of a release of a consumer version of its technology.

Within the next 18 months – Magic Leap can redefine computing

A next-generation interface which we will probably use and have just seen in movies. But it is coming to life. “We are building a new kind of contextual computer,” Abovitz says. “We’re doing something really, really different.”