McDonald’s + Snapchat = a fun way to apply for a job

How about embracing a cool and hip-a-dippy lifestyle, invite millennials to your account to explore and simply unlock maybe a job vacancy?

McDonald's invites you to apply for a job opening via Snapchat


No only the company has enabled fast food-themed lenses and stories on Snapchat, but also opened an entire new field for job seekers.

On Friday, McDonald’s launched “Snaplications” in Australia. The first thing you would notice upon revealing the McD’s account is that it comes in the form of Snapchat lens, which then turns the user in a McDonald’s outfit. But the applications doesn’t stop here. McD’s should include a 10 second snap and sent it to the @Maccas account (Maccas is slang in Australia for McDonald’s).

If 10 seconds doesn’t seem sufficient or you are maybe shy, there is no need to worry. Mark Wheeler, McDonald’s digital director in Australia, explained that after a user sends a snap, the company will reply with a link to its career site for the sender to complete the process.

DID YOU KNOW McDonald’s is the largest youth employer in Australia? 

The job application lens is just the latest way the brand is using the social media platform Snapchat. So far, we could digitally taste a burger and fries lens.

McDonald’s digital director recently mentioned for the news that using Facebook and Instagram is because the brand wants to stand out for being a relevant, modern and progressive.

On the other hand side, going over the line even a little may backfire. What do we mean? The most recent example is the the push-back against the now infamous Pepsi ad, in which reality star Kendall Jenner solved police state violence armed only with a can of soft drink.

How can I apply for a job via Snapchat?


McDonalds-jobs-snapchat | Image courtesy: Snapchat Daily

Snapping a job at McDonalds via Snapchat is really easy.

Step One: applicants need to scan a secret code that unlocks McDonald’s Snaplications lens which dresses users in Maccas’ uniform and bathes them in the light of a shining star of the future career.

Step Two: they need to snap a 10-second video about themselves on Snapchat.

Step Three: they need to send it to @Maccas on Snapchat.

What happens next? Once the “snaplication” is reviewed, McDonald’s sends users to the digital careers hub where they can fill out a real job application form.

Maccas on Snapchat

To follow McDonald’s Australia on Snapchat, scan the Snapcode below in your Snapchat app and add the account as a friend.


Follow McDonald’s Australia on Snapchat by adding @maccas as a friend

To follow McDonald’s international Snapchat account, simply add ‘mcdonalds’ by username on Snapchat or scan the Snapcode below:

mcdonalds snapchat

Image: McDonalds on Twitter