Get ready to stalk on someone with the NEW Facebook Messenger Update!

The latest news about Facebook? Well, a brand new feature was released enabling a “live location” which allows you to share your real-time location inside of a chat for an hour at a time. Let’s explore the new Facebook Messenger update below:

Facebook Messenger Update and Feature

Facebook Messenger Update and Feature | Image: Facebook

So far, we could have only use the a static point on a map. Might be useful if you’re staying in one spot, but not so much if you’re moving around.

Today, “live location” allows for a live sharing motion enabled for a full hour so friends can pinpoint where you are even as you’re moving around.

Interestingly to know, the update is strikingly resembling a similar location sharing feature introduced by Google last week. Who came first? We can only guess.

Facebook Nearby Friends (The story behind)

Facebook Nearby Friends never received the proper applause by the public. It seemed as if the product was hanging loose in the main app’s More tab since its launch in April 2014. A bit disappointing because it might have been useful to grab a quick cup of coffee or a chocolate doughnut while going to work.

Facebook didn’t really pay that much attention to it until recently. One of the main reasons might be because Facebook were caught surprised when someone figured out how to turn an exact-location-sharing feature in Messenger into a map of people’s movements. Facebook subsequently dropped exact location sharing from Messenger.

Is it a must have feature to use?

Do not worry, the company states the feature is “completely optional”. Go explore it! Have fun with it! 🙂