Pinterest Update, share a word if you have tried it!

Once a startup now a successful company, recent Pinterest Update has just released a new feature! For example, when you find a Pin you want to try (i.e. favorite recipe) Pinterest now provides you with a new feed that shows you who’s behind the product. You’ll be able to see tips and comments from previous pinners — displayed in big, bold text — and add your own.

Pinterest try recipe

Image Credit: Pinterest

Basically the new feature streamlines the discovery process on mobile, making it easier to browse through additional (and more detailed) information, and find more filtered feedback from other users.

The feature has been released on Android and iOS, and it will be coming to the web in the next few weeks, Pinterest engineering manager Nadine Harik wrote in a blog post.

When you find a Pin you want to try, you can view a new feed to see who’s already cooked that recipe, bought that product or made that project and how it went for them. You can also see the percentage of Pinners who recommend the Pin,” Harik shared.

In addition, when you go to your profile on Pinterest for Android and iOS, you’ll be able to see all of the pins that you’ve tried so far.

This is an effective, yet unconventional sort of add-on that goes beyond the typical social network habits of liking, commenting, and sharing. It pretty much is a synonym of a ecommerce platform.

The new feature could well make Pinterest feel a little less like a place where you find things you aspire to buy and a little more like a community where people help one another.

Last month Pinterest said it has more than 150 million monthly active users.