Look behind a freshly new project: Solar Island built by Tesla and SolarCity

The new collaboration between Tesla and SolarCity is still bread and butter. Nevertheless both of the companies are already highlighting what they’ve been able to accomplish even just as partners. The SolarCity blog outlines a project in which SolarCity power generation and Tesla Powerpack-based storage helped the small island of Ta’u in American Samoa fix its spotty power problem and cut its reliance on a diesel generator grid.

Solar island Tesla

Image credit: http://blog.solarcity.com/

Many island communities across the globe rely on burning the fossil to maintain an electrical grid. However, fuel must be shipped in at a fairly high cost whilst causing a number of other headaches. Solar’s costs are typically recouped over a long period of time when grid power is convenient and readily available, but the financial benefits should accrue much more quickly when you’re shipping in and burning fuel as your only source of energy.

Solar Island Tesla SolarCity

The Ta’u grid project involves a SolarCity panel array made up of over 5,300 panels capable of generating 1.4 megawatts of solar capacity. To spice things up even more, a Tesla Powerpack commercial battery storage facility comes along with 6 megawatt hours of reserve capability across 60 Powerpacks.

The result?

A micro grid that can provide three full days of power for the island’s 600 residents at max capacity, and recharges fully after just seven hours of solid sunlight exposure.