Snapchat introduces Spectacles

Available as of today via an app update, you can access Spectacles. Spotted by Mashable first, we share a glimpse on the actual app below:

Snap Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles


What is Spectacles?

“Specs are sunglasses that Snap!” The new Spectacles, made by Snapchat parent company Snap Inc., are intended to be: cool, sleek, and fashionable without a trace of the computers powering them. Pulling that off though is no easy task.

How to use Spectacles?

Simply Log in and continue as follows:

  • Press and hold on a Snap to send it to a friend!
  • Tap the left side of the screen to go back.
  • Use your outward-facing camera and tap to try World Lenses
  • Tap on your face while video chatting to use lenses.

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Below are FAQs released by Snapchat:

Q: How do I take videos with Spectacles?
A: Tap the button on Specs once to take a 10-second video Snap. Tap the button again to extend the Snap to 20 seconds, and again to extend to 30 seconds!

Q. How do Spectacles work with Snapchat?
A: Once you’ve paired your Snapchat account with Specs, Specs connect to your phone wirelessly. No need for cords! When your phone is nearby, your Specs will automatically import Snaps to Memories in Snapchat. Then, you can send Snaps you took to friends, or post them to your Story. You don’t need to have your phone nearby to take Snaps with Specs.

Q: What format are Spectacles videos?
A: Specs capture life from your perspective — in a new circular video format. When you view your Memories later in Snapchat, just rotate your phone to see more!

Q: How do I get a pair of Spectacles?
A: Keep an eye on for more updates coming soon 🤐

Q: Will Spectacles work with iPhone and Android devices?
A: Specs should work on most iOS and Android devices.

Q: Can I pre-order Spectacles?
A: No.

Q: Can I purchase the clear version?
A: No. The colors that will be available for purchase are black, teal, and coral.

Q: Where will Spectacles be available to buy?
A: Spectacles will be available in the U.S.