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Case study: Create the ideal website for people to share their problems/concerns and simply let your voice be heard.

Client’s request for Services

Web design, Organic Search SEO, Social Media Engagement, Affiliate Marketing, Logo creation

Client’s website

Summary: “A problem shared is a problem halved. Be heard.”

The Client

Believe it or not, Ray and Futwalk met at a cafe in Malta. That’s Life Time is an idea by Ray who welcomes anyone to write about anything that’s troubling him/her, or even if you want to get something off your chest.

“Today, people are swamped with work and sometimes they need someone to hear them out.” – Ray sharing in a meeting with Futwalk. “We need to be heard because when someone let it out, you feel like a waterfall of freedom.” – Ray being poetic. “I think you narrowed it, Ray.” Kenny in a line. “We believe in you Ray and will help you out because we all need to share in a world full of clustered media news arena. We need more meaningful interactions.” Kenny shares.

After sometime, Futwalk presented a couple of variations of design, feel of a website and ideas to move forward. As shared with you and all of Futwalk’s friends and partners we believe everyone is unique. That’s Life Time is unique because we all need to share more often and not be fully closed between four walls. We need to walk out in the world and express ourselves.

“This is absolutely amazing, Kenny! I cannot believe you put all of this together! Thank you so much!” Ray shared his thoughts while having a pint with Kenny and celebrating the take off of the website.

That's Lifetime section

That’s Lifetime section



Share, emotion, speak out. These three concrete words define the project.

“I definitely recommend Futwalk to anyone out there. It is absolutely unbelievable what they put together in a matter of days.” Ray sharing his happiness with Kenny.

Big thank you and Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian) Ray for choosing Futwalk to be part of your success story.


Futwalk assisted That’s Life Time on entire brand identity creation and is currently advising Ray on Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Engagement expansion. We believe Ray and his project That’s Life Time is unique and hence helping him to be heard.

Futwalk is also guiding That’s Life Time to get popular in Malta, UK, and Italy.

Futwalk stands for sharing your digital voice with the rest of the world and believes in making your dream come true.

We hope you enjoy the brand new website of That’s Life Time.

Have a look at their brand new website optimized for tablet and mobile devices below: