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Case study: Renovate the brand online by maintaining a unique motion forklift (emblem for VEMA VM) whilst giving a fresh new look with a website design.

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Summary: Engineering, forklifts, distribution – all part of a business chain that represents a true masterpiece. The owner of VEMA VM, Vesko is a person who not only understands everything about forklifts but also takes a complete care of every client. Read their story below


Client: VEMA VM

The Client

VEMA VM is a privately owned company by Vesko. Vesko has been involved in the engineering arena since a kid. His father had a great impact on his studies and how to dedicate his time on learning something new every day. In addition, his communication skills impeccably instill trust among experts whilst clients simply believe in anything Vesko does. Vesko has been awarded multiple of awards in regards to forklift and also recognized in other countries as a brand to trust and do business with.

This November, Vesko and Futwalk met via Skype and genuinely discussed the need of easy browsing for forklift parts related to the distribution channel whilst enjoying the humor and great sense of engineering skills in between the lines. In addition, VEMA VM are also the first ones who came up with motion blur forklift in the online presence.

Once Futwalk’s team learned about VEMA VM and the newly engineering project taking the front lines of project emergency, brainstorming sessions started in seconds. Why in seconds? Everyone involved in the project loved the attitude and business relations Vesko has with his clients and our team at Futwalk wanted to reflect his business viewpoints online.

VEMA VM - rezervni chasti za motokari (резервни части за мотокари)

VEMA VM – rezervni chasti za motokari (резервни части за мотокари)


The challenge was to invent a forklift that is animated and within motion moves to guide a user online to a specific section. However, Rumi and Kenny spotted something very unique in this project – the actual forklift which is the challenge itself. We (Rumi and Kenny) brainstormed ideas and within some time had a vision how to make something along the lines of branding and also which will stand out among VEMA VM potential prospects.

“People in Bulgaria value our business attitude towards them and come back simply because we fully understand them.” Vesko shares in one of our online sessions.

The goal of the project was also to build an organic map of searches and focus in targeting potential clients for VEMA VM.

“Thank you Futwalk for standing out with your great innovative minds in this project. We wish you all the best and do not forget to change the world 🙂 ” Vesko said in a message sent to our team after finishing the project.


Futwalk dedicates time to every client with smileyness and unique approach in communicating a message both online and offline. Futwalk believes in changing the world and making it a better place to live in starting locally.

VEMA VM is the perfect example how business should be conducted whilst users online can navigate easily in search of their products.

We hope you enjoy the brand new look of VEMA VM.

Have a look at their brand new website optimized for tablet and mobile devices below: