WhatsApp Clones Snapchat

Launched three years ago, Snapchat Stories defined what we probably see today – video transformation. Massive growth of video views daily led to led to unforeseen success. However, Facebook is looking to replicate, as it moves to respond to Snapchat.

WhatsApp Snapchat

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Presently, Facebook is looking to include a Snapchat Stories clone across the social apps that it owns. As a continuation of the massive success of Instagram Stories, Facebook is also testing Messenger Day. Messenger day is another feature that adds similar capabilities to the Messenger communications app of the social network.

Facebook – Snapchat Saga

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is currently testing what Snapchat created three years ago – users being able to share mood-setting pictures and videos overlaid with other custom elements such as emoji, with the content disappearing 24 hours after it’s shared.

According to TechCrunch: “The test feature was spotted on Friday by BGR India which says Status sharing is only currently available to registered public beta testers of WhatsApp who are using a rooted Android or iOS device.”

So what is happening on devices?

The main WhatsApp message window now has a tab called “Status”, sitting between “Chats” on the left and “Calls” on the right (Androids). The new “Status” tab does not replace the traditional status message; rather it’s a whole new channel aimed at making users being more active on sharing transitory or short-lived and primarily visual content with their friends.

When a user snaps a photo or records a video on “Status” to share within a channel, one is offered a range of editing tools to augment the content. An example of these tools by drawing on a colorful scribble or adding and positioning emoji. Status also lets users add a caption to allow extra thoughts on whatever they’re posting. A send button shares the Status with the user’s WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsApp Clones Snapchat – who’s next?

Lately, Facebook has been prioritizing video content to drive an extra stream of ad revenues. So tapping into a network of one billion+ active monthly users, WhatsApp clearly is a feed to play on. Especially after the Facebook-owned company announced a huge change to its privacy policy this summer — which implies it will start allowing businesses to show ads to users.

However, the WhatsApp Clones Snapchat Saga will definitely not going to be the only in regards to shifting social media paltforms into video streaming and add-ons. We are yet to see interesting shifts from others.

This might be you making a change in the world…